YA & MG Sci-Fi Fantasy Author

The Path of Ascension Trilogy (YA Fantasy):
Flames of Valor
Fire Forged
Inferno Rising (expected August 2019)

Titan Code Series (YA Science Fiction/Urban Fantasy):
Dawn of Genesis
Age of Redemption (expected 2020)

Legends Chronicles (MG Fantasy):
Legends of the Vale: A Martial Arts Story



Arcane Ink Publishing LLC


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Rey Clark is a fantasy/science fiction indie author self-publishing on Amazon (print & ebook). Her first fantasy series “The Path of Ascension” trilogy is nearing its completion. The first installment “Flames of Valor” debuted in 2016 and the second installment “Fire
Forged” released in 2017. The final book “Inferno Rising” is targeted to release in 2019.

Rey's on a new Science Fiction series “Titan
Code” with the opening salvo titled “Dawn of Genesis” was released in 2018. The sequel "Age of Redemption" is scheduled to debut in 2020.

Rey recently published a middle-grade fantasy series titled “Legends of the Vale.”

New Runemaster Saga: Dusk set during WWII; think Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer meets Shadowhunters with a splash of American Gods.

Other projects involve a cyberpunk series under development and a tabletop role-playing game collaboration.

Other ventures include YouTube streaming of Live tabletop role-playing 5th
edition Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder with MurderHobos Inc.
Expected Release Schedule

2019 (August) - Path of Ascension Trilogy 3: Inferno Rising

2019 (December) - Runemaster Saga 1: Dusk

2020 (March) - Titan Code Series 2: Age of Redemption 

2020 (October) - Legends Chronicles 2: Legends of the 
                                                                      Weirded Ways

2021 (May) - Titan Code Series 3: Final Legacy

2022 (January) - Legends Chronicles 3: Legends of the
                                                                     Phoenix Flame